Red Riding Hood 1
"Red Riding Hood"
 is a minor villainess from the 1974 Italian comic "Playcolt 11: A Disneyland Ride La Morte". She is actually a henchwoman hired by Mandracca to kill Alan Velon while dressed as "Red Riding Hood" and working at Disneyland.

Red Riding Hood 5
Playcolt encounters her while giving chase to her boss. She points her gun at him, forcing him to reach for the sky. As he is standing directly underneath a fruit tree, however, he quickly snatches an apple from a low-hanging branch and hurls it at her face. Playcolt then kicks the weapon from her hand and proceeds to sexually violate her with her own pistol until she divulges where Mandracca is hiding. 
Red Riding Hood 3

Reaching for her dagger....

Red Riding Hood 2

"Red" makes one last ditch effort to take Playcolt out, but he is again too quick and fatally shoots her.

Red Riding Hood 4

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