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Afro Girl 05 Doomsday
Afro Girl
(Eloise Cupido) and Bathtub Blonde (Lily Anderson) are two minor henchwomen in the 2008 post-apocalyptic action film "Doomsday".

They appear in the movie very briefly, working under a sleazy human trafficker named Richter. They are each shot and killed by Major Eden Sinclair and her party during a raid on Richter's ship.

Afro Girl 01 Doomsday

Present at the exchange.

B-Blonde 01 Doomsday

The officer thinks he's caught her off guard, but she's quicker on the draw.

Afro Girl 02 Doomsday

The jig is up.

B-Blonde 02 Doomsday

Afro Girl 03 Doomsday

Afro girl severs the hand of the buyer, and runs off with the money.

B-Blonde 03 Doomsday

Afro Girl 04 Doomsday

...but meets her end out in the hall.

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