Monika Schnarre as Alana

Alana (Monika Schnarre) was the villainess in the "Isle of Bliss" episode of "The Adventures of Sinbad", TV.

She helps Sinbad and his friends in their quest for a mystical sword, but she really wants the sword for herself.

At the end, she is thwarted and turns herself into a winged demon (with big breasts) to fight the heroes. The hero thrusts the sword between her breasts and she falls screeching, to her doom in a molten pit of fiery liquid.

Video- Alana's demise:

Trivia Edit

  • Monika Schnarre also played Erica Black from Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal.

Gallery Edit

Sinbad MonikaSchnarre1a
Sinbad MonikaSchnarre2
Sinbad MonikaSchnarre3

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