Angela Mason

Vengeful villainess Angela Mason

Angela Mason (Tamara Feldman) was a villainess from Supernatural, appearing in Season Two's "Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things" (airdate October 4, 2006). The episode began with Angela engaging in an argument with her boyfriend, Matt, which ended with her leaving in her car and driving off in tears. While driving, Angela loses control of her car and ends up in a fatal crash.

However, Angela is revived from her grave and becomes a vengeful zombie, beginning her revenge spree with killing Matt at his home. It was revealed that Matt cheated on Angela with her best friend Lindsey, and Angela set her sights on killing Lindsey before Sam and Dean arrive and save her. It is also revealed that Angela's ex-boyfriend, Neil, used a spell to revive her, mainly because he's still in love with her, but after Angela discovers that Neil's devotion to her isn't as strong, she kills him. Angela then goes after the Winchesters, with Sam allowing her to chase him to her grave, which Dean puts her back in after killing her with a wooden stake.


  • Tamara Feldman previously appeared on Smallville as the evil Kyla Willowbrook in Season Two's "Skinwalker."