Audrey Revenge Porn

The villainous Audrey

Audrey (Jodelle Ferland) is the hidden villainess from the 2016 Lifetime film, Revenge Porn (originally titled My Daughter's Disgrace; airdate June 18th, 2016). She is the childhood best friend of the film's main protagonist, Peyton Harris, whose life unravels due to nude photos of her being released online.

As revealed in the midst of the film, Audrey actually sent Peyton's photos (which Peyton saved and deleted while considering getting breast implants) to a Shutterbug website, which ended up being posted on a revenge porn website called, which was run by Carl Cook (the film's main antagonist and also the true villain). Audrey's villainous reveal came when she finally confessed to Peyton about what she did (which Audrey didn't tell Peyton about up until that point), with her motive being that she was jealous of Peyton excelling at everything and always feeling second best in comparison to her friend.

Audrey sent the photos while she and Peyton were in the latter's room, doing so while Peyton's back was turned. Though she was shocked to see the photos, Audrey sent them online anyway, calling what she did a "horrible impulse." Despite her remorse, however, the resentful Audrey stated that she wanted Peyton knocked off her "perfect pedestal" just for a little while. In the end, Peyton rejected Audrey's pleas for forgiveness and stormed away, ending their friendship.


  • Jodelle Ferland is perhaps best known for playing main antagonist Lillith "Lily" Sullivan in the horror film, Case 39.


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