Barbara Dunkelman is the main antagonist of the interactive web series, "Ten Little Roosters" by Rooster Teeth. This comical web series depicts the employees of Rooster Teeth in the midst of a murder mystery heavily influenced by the game, Clue.

In the end, it is revealed that Barbara was the killer the whole time. She fights the only remaining survivor while wearing a green spandex bodysuit, believing it to be a green screen suit. As it turns out, it's really a "100% Accurate Creeper Suit", which is a reference to "Creepers" from the Minecraft franchise. For those of you unfamiliar with Minecraft, Creepers are green monsters that sneak up on you and explode.

Upon learning this, Barbara is terrified. A hissing sound can be heard as she begs to "make it stop". Her struggles are futile, and the suit inevitably explodes, completely obliterating the upper half of her body, bringing an end to her evil deeds.

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