Evil Bikini Girls
Bikini girls
Bikini girls
Bikin girls

There are two scuba bikini girls who climb on Italian Spiderman's surf board. They try to knock him off but are defeated by his army of penguins who attack the hench girls.


The two girls are first seen swimming towards Italian Spiderman's surf board when they climb on. They then proceed to beat him with their guns, Italian Spiderman then summons penguins. The penguins clobber the girls as they try and fend them off but don't succeed. Italian Spiderman jumps off and leaves the girls to be hit by penguins, their fate is unknown but their guns are dropped in the sea. Italian Spidrman reaches the shore where two more hench girls are standing, only for Italian Spiderman to use the other henchgirls guns to kill them.

Bikini Girls 3 Italian Spider-man

Discovering Italian SpiderMan, washed up on the shore...

Bikini Girls 5 Italian Spider-man

...and taking him hostage.

Bikini Girls 4 Italian Spider-man

Two other henchwomen stand beside their boss on the beach...

Bikini Girls 2 Italian Spider-man

...however, they, too, are quickly dealt with by the hero.