Blu Steele 1 Fit to Kill

Evil henchwoman Blu Steele

Blu Steele
(Julie Strain) is a secondary antagonist in the 1993 action movie "Fit to Kill". She is the hired assassin and right hand woman of the film's main villain, Kane. Their plot is to steal the famed Alexa diamond. However, after succeeding, Blu, along with the remaining villains, are (in true Sidaris fashion) blown up while trying to escape on a boat.


Blu Steele 2 Fit to Kill

Blu Steele is admiring her strong, muscular body

Blu Steele 3 Fit to Kill
Blu Steele 5 Fit to Kill

"Persuaded" into helping the villain.. but who is really deceiving who?

Blu Steele 6 Fit to Kill

A little chloroform...

Blu Steele 4 Fit to Kill

...and the Nazi prize is theirs.


She is very flexible

Blu Steele 7 Fit to Kill

Very subtle.


Blu Steele believes in her superior firepower


The smaller good girl should be no match for Blu Steele


The seemingly invincible Blu Steele is knocked down by a single blow


The humiliated Blu Steele trying to get up again

Blu Steele 8 Fit to Kill

Surprise! The real villain that she is in cahoots with.

Blu Steele 9 Fit to Kill

Angered that her deadly toy helicopter was destroyed...


"OH NO! This cannot be!"


With shock and disbelief she realizes her defeat

Blu Steele 10 Fit to Kill

...but just temporarily.


The beautiful evil villainess cannot believe that she is about to be blown to pieces

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