Bonnie Cassidy

The evil Bonnie Cassidy

Bonnie Cassidy (Allison Mang) was the main villainess from "Demon Hunter," episode 3.03 of Friday the 13th: The Series (airdate October 2, 1989). She was part of a family of hunters, which included her brothers, Vance and Travis, and was led by their father, Faron.

The family was tracking an ancient demon, which later killed both Vance and Travis, leaving Bonnie and Faron on their own. It was revealed in the episode that Bonnie had been kidnapped by a demonic cult and rescued by her family. Bonnie and Faron reached Curious Goods for safety, but the demon followed them and eventually encountered Bonnie while she was upstairs.

However, Bonnie turned heel and showed the demon a distinct mark on her person, while flashing an evil smile on her face and revealing herself as the one who summoned the demon and kept it under her control. To cover her tracks, the evil Bonnie demanded that Faron kill Micki, Jack, and Johnny; falsely claiming that they're in league with the demon. Bonnie would later confess everything, stating that she wasn't kidnapped and she summoned the demon herself. The villainess provided distractions that led to the demon killing her brothers, and she opened the vault to summon the demon in, but she was stopped by her father, who killed her with a cursed dagger. Because Bonnie was connected to the demon, her death destroyed the demon as well.