Kendall Kaldwell as "Boots"

"Boots" is the brutal, sadistic (and very busty) head prison guard in CHAINED HEAT (1983), played with relish by Kendall Kaldwell. (Ms. Kaldwell played a very similar character "Eyes" in the previous year's THE CONCRETE JUNGLE.)

Boots is a flunky of the guard captain (Stella Stevens) who even helps her drown the perverted warden (John Vernon) in his swanky hot tub as he cavorts with one of the girl inmates.

Later, the girl is about to be killed by Boots because she witnessed the murder, but the girl is saved by tough inmate "Dutchess" (Tamara Dobson) who kills Boots by drowning her in a fish tank.

ChainedHeat KendallKaldwell000000

"Boots" puts her best assets forward!

ChainedHeat KendallKaldwell0000000

She's not down for long!

ChainedHeat KendallKaldwell0000
ChainedHeat KendallKaldwell000

The face of brutality.

ChainedHeat KendallKaldwell4ajpg

She SO loves her work!

ChainedHeat KendallKaldwell6jpg

Don't strain your shirt!

ChainedHeat KendallKaldwell7jpg
ChainedHeat KendallKaldwell9jpg

"She sleeps with the fishes."

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