The evil Brittany

Brittany is a professional wrestler who formerly worked for TNA as a villainess.

Brittany first appeared for TNA under her real name, Santana Garrett, at the first Knockouts Knockdown in 2013; doing so as a villainess in a losing effort to Brooke Tessmacher. She officially debuted in TNA as Brittany in March 2014 and defeated Gail Kim, but would later develop an obsession for Madison Rayne; an obsession that quickly turned into romantic feelings. After Madison turned her down, Brittany attacked Madison on July 3, while claiming to have learned to "never meet your heroes, because they always disappoint." On July 17's episode of Impact Wrestling, the evil Brittany lost to Madison in a No Disqualification, No Countout match, but still took the time to berate and snarl at the woman she once idolized.

After her feud with Madison ended, Brittany started displaying signs of affection for Samuel Shaw. She managed to seduce Shaw into turning against his long-time tag team partner Gunner; which Shaw did by attacking Gunner with a series of steel chair attacks, while Brittany laughed evilly and watched with sadistic glee. The attack seemed to excite her, and she jumped into Shaw's arms and started making out with him.

On the 5th November edition of Impact, Shaw and Brittany came out to explain their actions, but were interrupted by Gunner, who seeked revenge. Gunner tried to attack Shaw but Brittany jumped on him which allowed Shaw to hit Gunner with a low blow, bringing him down. Shaw then choked out Gunner as Brittany watched with obvious pleasure, and then seemingly excited by the attack, she stood over Gunner and made out with Shaw.

The following week on Impact, Brittany lied to Shaw backstage and said that Gunner had come on to her, enraged, Shaw walked off while Brittany smirked wickedly, pleased with getting the reaction she wanted from Shaw. Later in the night Shaw sneak attacked Gunner on his way down to the ramp, while Brittany laughed and cheered Shaw on, before kissing him, and then encouraging Shaw to hurt Gunner some more. She also delived a kick down low to Gunner, which brought him to the ground in pain, while Brittany looked on with satisfaction at what she had done. In November 2014, Brittany's contract with TNA expired.


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