Brynn Randall

The evil Brynn Randall

Brynn Randall (Victoria Pratt) is a villainess from the 2012 Lifetime film, A Nanny's Revenge (alternately titled, The Avenger; airdate October 20, 2012).

Brynn Randall is the wife (and former secretary) of Preston Randall, an unscrupulous businessman whose cost cutting caused the death of Gina Wright's father. After she survives a car crash that kills her mother (having been on their way to visit her dying father), Gina accepted a job as a live-in nanny at the Randall household after bonding with Brynn at a salon, plotting a vengeful scheme against Preston.

In the film's climax, Brynn turned heel after Gina's plan was discovered by Preston. She caught Preston attempting to rape Gina, after she was already fuming over the fact that Preston had been involved in an illicit affair with his current secretary, Jenny. At that moment, Brynn took possession of Gina's gun and shot and killed Preston, and decided to frame Gina for the shooting and kill her, detailing that she has no plans to go to jail and give up her lavish lifestyle. Brynn and Gina fought each other until police arrived, and in that instant, the evil Brynn attempted to deceive them and state that Gina killed her husband. However, Brynn detailing her evil plan was caught on tape, and she is (assumingly) arrested for killing Preston.


  • Victoria Pratt would later portray the evil Michelle Taylor in the 2016 Lifetime film Turbulence.


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