Brie Larvan.

Brie Larvan, portrayed by Emily Kinney, is a supervillain named Bug Eye'd Bandit and, appears as the villainess in an episode of The Flash.

"All Star Team Up"Edit

She is the villain of the week in the episode featuring Arrow's Felicity Smoak and Ray Palmer's visit to Central City. Brie is a supervillain, armed with robotic bees that she can control by remote, Larvan attempts to eliminate the three scientists responsible for her being fired from her position at Mercury Labs when it was discovered that she intended to weaponise her project rather than use it for agricultural purposes, but although she kills two of them, her attempts to kill Doctor Tina McGee are thwarted when Ray Palmer uses his exo-suit to lure the bees over water to damage their circuitry while Barry tracks Brie to her base and captures her, leaving her handcuffed for the police to arrest.


Genius level intellect: Brie is very intelligent, as it took her years to developed robotic bees. Computer specialist: Brie is a highly skilled computer specialist. Expert computer hacker: Brie is a capable computer hacker, she was able to hack into the computers from S.T.A.R. Labs, and cause one of the computers to explode, her computer hacking skills are at Felicity's level.

Trivia Edit

  • Emily Kinney later played psychotic villainess Jennifer Schroeder on Forever, and hidden villainess Casey Collins on Ten Days in the Valley.

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