Caroline Field is a villainess in the bad girl crime gang featured in the movie Policewomen (USA 1974). She was played by actress Dorrie Thomson. (1947 - 2015).

Caroline Field d (Large)

Caroline Field (Dorrie Thomson)

The story -

An elderly female arch crook called Maude Anderson recruits women criminals, mainly hookers and gang molls, to create a ruthless female Mafia.The gang are committing major crimes like drug dealing, armed robbery, gold smuggling etc in southern California. Officer Lacy Bond (Sondra Currie), a beautiful policewoman skilled in martial arts, is assigned to break up the gang and bring them to justice.

Appearance and character -

Caroline Field is a tall, good looking white woman, slim with layered light blonde hair. She appears to be aged in her mid to late 20s. She wears a white bikini.

Bad tempered, arrogant and bossy, Caroline is a gum chewing, underworld floozy. Officer Mitchell has arrested her more than once; he identifies her as a call girl with gangster associates.

Her gangster connections, intimidating height, and mean, ruthless disposition probably account for her leading position in the "female Mafia", rather than possession of any great abilities or brains.

Caroline Field's role in the story -

Caroline Field is the leading henchwoman out of 5 responsible for pickups of smuggled gold from a sub in the ocean off Catalina. She tells the other women what to do.

The gang's large pickup boat is trailed by undercover cops Lacy Bond and Frank Mitchell aboard a much smaller vessel. Caroline recognizes Mitchell as a cop who has arrested her in the past. Rather than abandon the gold collection, Caroline decides to ram and sink the police boat using the villain's much larger craft - murder the pair of cops interfering with their plans. During the boat chase, Lacy's skillful maneuvers frustrate a number of the henchwomen's attempts to ram into the cop's much smaller vessel. But when Mitchell jumps aboard the criminal's boat, the henchwomen, armed with various makeshift weapons (Caroline wields a boat oar), bring him down, proceeding to mercilessly beat him to death. Lacy then leaps aboard the criminal's boat and uses her martial arts skills to take down all of the henchwomen and save Mitchell.

Weapons -

She uses a boat and a boat paddle/oar as weapons, trying to commit murder with them.

Fate -

Lacy battles 4 weapon wielding henchwomen on the boat. In rapid succession she dispatches 3 of them. She deals with Caroline last, in a fight which is appropriately longer. Caroline stops beating Mitchell and launches a roundhouse paddle swing at Lacy's head, but at the last second the heroine ducks - rather than smashing Lacy, the blonde is swung right round herself by the momentum of her swipe. Leaping back up, Lacy slams her foot into Caroline's ass, shoving the floundering bad girl across the deck. Stunned and panicking, Caroline's other wild follow up paddle swings all fail to hit the skilled and agile Lacy, who draws the unsuspecting blonde into a clever trap in the narrow passage between the cabin and deck rail, where another of Ms Bond's powerful kicks knocks the villainess over onto the deck, her weapon falling from her hands. As the groggy blonde attempts to rise, she receives a crashing axe kick across the back from Lacy, who then delivers a powerhouse boot to the henchwoman's face, sending a shrieking Caroline flipping over backwards, her head thudding onto the deck - probably knocked out. Lacy briefly stands over the battered blonde's body and smiles down at her with triumphant satisfaction.

Caroline and the other beaten henchwomen lying about the deck are now Lacy's prisoners. She delivers the female criminals to the police at San Pedro. Hands cuffed behind, Caroline and the rest are taken away into custody.

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