Casey Reed

The evil Casey Reed

Casey Reed (Shannon Lucio) is the main villainess from Rosewood episode 1.15, "Atherosclerosis & the Alabama Flim-Flam" (airdate March 30, 2016).

Casey Reed is the wife of Dr. Kipley Reed, and as revealed in the episode's climax, she murdered Kipley's boss, Dr. Stanley Wambach. After hearing Rosewood's detail of the perfect murder, the evil Casey decided to use Rosewood's words to kill Wambach. She paid a call girl to get Wambach drunk in his room, and then entered herself and planted a square ice cube in his trachea, killing him. Though as later revealed by Hornstock, Casey was planning to kill him anyway, using a gun to shoot him.

Casey's motive: to get Kipley promoted, which would keep the couple in Miami instead of them moving to Portland. After Villa and Rosewood's summation, Casey attempted to escape, only to end up arrested.