(BarBara Luna) Concrete Jungle (1983)

She's sexy, she 's tough. She's thoroughly nasty. She's Cat - Possibly the greatest of all Women in Prison (WIP) Queen Bees and Evil babes. During the course of the movie, we see this slinky creature go from butter wouldn't melt in her mouth seduction of new fish Cherry to cruel dispatching of someone who fails to pay her debts on time by drowning her in the toilets. Along the way, we get to see Cat's gang of compliant henchgirls do their evil queen's every bidding (the sight of the slutty, drug-addicted Icy, unzipping Cat's leather boots is worth the price of admission alone. Obviously, this being a movie, Cat must eventually get her comeuppance which she does at the hands of Cherry in the movie's climactic prison yard and basement catfight. Having seemingly beaten Cherry and moving in for the kill, careless Cat tragically loses her footing before crashing back into an electrical transformer and being painfully offed in a shower of sparks. Heavily made up eyes wide open and twitching spasmodically, Cat's final death scene is every bit as spectacular as the lady herself.

The Concrete Jungle Cat's Death (Extended Loop)00:53

The Concrete Jungle Cat's Death (Extended Loop)

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