Catherine Vampire

The evil vampiress, Catherine Rawlins

Catherine Rawlins (Suzanne Charny) was the villainess from "The Vampire," the fourth episode of Kolchak: The Night Stalker (airdate October 4, 1974). She was one of the victims of vampire Janos Skorzeny (the villain from the Kolchak TV movie), and she was buried in a construction site in Las Vegas. In the early scenes of the episode, Catherine is shown rising from her grave as a vampire, with her appearance shocking a woman who had car problems.

Later in the episode, Catherine is picked up by a noted movie stuntsman, and the two engaged in a heated and passionate encounter, right before she inserted her fangs into his throat. Shortly afterwards, the evil Catherine claimed another victim later in the episode, and went after others until Kolchak held her at bay with a cross. In the climax, Kolchak found Catherine at her evil lair and fought her once again, this time trapping her in a ring of fire caused by a burning cross. Kolchak later killed the villainess with a wooden stake.