Channing Ngo

The evil Channing Ngo

Channing Ngo (Lissa Neptuno) was a villainess from Supernatural episode 8.01: "We Need to Talk About Kevin" (airdate October 3, 2012). She was the girlfriend of Kevin Tran, and she first appeared briefly in Season Seven's "Reading is Fundamental," talking to Kevin about the upcoming SATs.

Channing turned heel in the aforementioned Season Eight opener, when she was approached by Sam and Dean regarding Kevin's whereabouts. To their surprise, Channing brashly told the boys that she broke up with Kevin, and that only she dated him because she thought he was going to Princeton. Later in the episode, the evil Channing sliced her roommate's throat, while also revealing to be possessed by a demon by brandishing black eyes. After the killing, Channing uses her roommate's blood to inform Crowley about the Winchesters and Kevin. In the end of the episode, after encountering Sam, Dean, and Kevin, Channing is killed by Crowley when he snaps her neck after the demon leaves her body.