Chief Olson 1 CyberTracker

The evil Chief Olson

Chief Olson (Abby Dalton) is a secondary antagonist in the 1994 sci-fi action film "CyberTracker".

Olson is a corrupt police chief who is in cahoots with equally corrupt Senator Robin Dilly, as well as CyberCore Corp., which has been manufacturing violent executioner cyborgs.

When protagonist Eric Phillips, a bodyguard for Dilly, starts to disrupt their plans, Olson works to have him framed as a cop killer. She is ultimately killed by Eric's love interest, Connie, as she attempts to unleash an army of the murderous cyborgs.

Olson is shown to have somewhat of a sadistic personality. This is exemplified in a scene where a CyberCore villain named Rounds proceeds to strangle his secretary. It is revealed shortly after that the young woman was in fact a cyborg, but Olson is not aware of this at the time, and feasts her eyes on the spectacle with a smile on her face.

Another example occurs when Rounds commands his henchman Ross to butcher, Connie. Dilly doesn't have the stomach to stay and watch, wheras Olson assures "I've got a few minutes."