Cindy Martin is the villainess from the 11th episode of the first season (1994) of Diagnosis Murder (Flashdance with Death). She is played by the actress, Paula Marshall.

Cindy is a dance instructor and homicide detective Steve Sloan’s latest girlfriend. She kills the co-owner of her dance studio by causing a short-circuit that fatally arrests his pacemaker. This was a revenge act for him breaking up with her, irrespective of the fact that she compromised her dancing career for their relationship.  Now the investigating detective’s girlfriend, she skilfully sends Mark and Steve Sloan down the wrong track with several red herrings and false testimonies; other suspects get arrested on the basis of evidence fabricated by Cindy and she appears to get away with the perfect murder. Eventually, she fails to evade the suspicion of Dr Mark Sloan completely, and walks right into a trap set for her by the cunning doctor/investigator. Now unmasked as the murderer, Cindy breaks out in tears when Steve is about to arrest her. As she sobbingly swears that she never meant to kill anybody, Steve ignores her pleas and coldly reads her rights to her. Cindy is led away to prison to face murder charges, and the wrongly accused are cleared.

One of the most memorable scenes of the episode is Cindy’s lap dance around Dr Mark Sloane while he interrogates her on her relationship with the victim. She probably did this to disconcert and confuse him, but Sloan keeps a straight face.

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