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Antoinette Bower as Claire Molloch

In "The Evil That Men Do" (1984), former CIA agent Holland (Charles Bronson) comes out of retirement to track down a sinister German (former Nazi) torture expert named Molloch (Joseph Maher) who demonstrates his high-priced torture methods for corrupt South American governments. "The Doctor" is managed and accompanied from country to country by his sister, Claire Molloch played by Antoinette Bower (born in Baden-Baden, Germany, 1934). Claire watches her brother's bloody torture sessions but doesn't participate, preferring to handle the duo's business end.

Holland decides to kidnap Claire as bait to capture the Doctor. He has sneaked into her swanky hotel room when Claire comes in with a beautiful local Hispanic girl. From his hiding place under the bed, he watches as the girl strips naked and gets in the bed. Claire comes out of the bathroom and drops her towel and gets in bed with the girl. Holland can do nothing except listen to the impassioned lesbian moans above him until finally, the girl dresses and leaves. Claire is coming out of the shower when Holland confronts her.

Claire is bound and put in a car trunk. A wild car chase, pursued by armed goons with automatic weapons finally ends and Holland opens the trunk only to find Claire dead with a bullet hole in her forehead which ends his using the Doctor's lesbian sister as a bargaining tool.

Trivia Edit

  • Antoinette Bower appears as Miss Greco in the 1961 episode "A Woman's Help" for the TV series "Alfred Hitchcock Presents".
  • Antoinette Bower appears as Delilah Dovro in the 1965 episode "The Bow-Wow Affair" for the TV series, "The Man From U.N.C.L.E."
  • Antoinette Bower appears as Janet Coburn in the 1965 episode "The Night of Sudden Death" for the TV series, "The Wild Wild West".
  • Antoinette Bower appears as Berlin Betty in the 1969 episode "Is There a Traitor in the House?" for the TV series "Hogan's Heroes".
  • Antoinette Bower appears as Miss Valerie in the 1969 episode "Valerie of the Dolls" for the TV series "Get Smart".

Gallery Edit

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