The evil Cora

Cora is a villainess from Zoot Comics #14. She appears in the Rulah, Jungle Goddess story The Knave Of Scarlet.

She is hunting for treasure with a man. She once was married to a man called Daniel who also seeked the treasure, but never returned. She is happy about this as Daniel tried to kill her before.

She and her companion get taken away by a man dressed in red armour called The Scarlet Knave, who has the intention of killing them. Cora tells the Scarlet Knave she has a treasure map to gold and that if she is spared that she will share it with him.

The Knave agrees, as long as Cora kills the man she was hunting for treasure with as a sign of faith. She asks for a gun without hesitation and murders the man with a gunshot.

A while later Rulah the heroine appears, as she plans to destroy The Scarlet Knave's sand machine, a machine he intends to use to destroy the jungle. Rulah ends up being captured by the Knave's men and brought to the Knave. Just before he is about to kill her, Rulah knocks off the Knave's helmet, revealing Cora's missing husband Daniel as the Scarlet Knave. Cora is immediately fearful and tries to escape, but is stabbed to death through the stomach by one of The Scarlet Knave's men.