The villainous Cori

Cori (Jordana Largy) was a minor villainess from the 2017 Lifetime film Manny Dearest (alternately titled Stranger With My Kids). She was the nanny for Gillian Hagen, the best friend of the film's protagonist Karen Clark. During the course of the movie, Karen hired "manny" Alex Stanley (the true villain of the movie). Cori first encountered Alex in the playground where the kids in their care were playing, and she instantly took an interest in him, despite his clear resistance to her advances. On another occasion, Alex had Cori come to the Stanley house with Gillian's daughters to watch over them while he went to threaten a boy who was bullying Max. When he returned, Cori once again tried to seduce Alex, even forcing him to give her a kiss before she left.

Later on, Cori surprised Alex by bringing Gillian's daughters over for a quick visit. After sending the girls upstairs to talk to Max and Rex, Cori insisted that she and Alex had "been intimate". When Alex went to get Cori's charges, Cori took his phone and used it to take a photo of her cleavage for him. It was then that Cori found the photos Alex had taken of Karen getting out of the shower, discovering his obsession with her. When Alex returned, the evil Cori revealed that she had sent the photos to herself and blackmailed him into sex with her in exchange for deleting them. Alex went through with Cori's threat, and the two had a tryst at Alex's home. But afterwards, Cori revealed that she had intentions of changing the deal to where Alex would have to sleep with her for each photo he had of Karen. When Alex became enraged and started yelling at Cori for deceiving him, Cori apologized and said she was going to delete all the photos when she really began to dial 911. But before she could finish, Alex killed Cori by hitting her in the head with a lamp.

Trivia Edit

  • Jordana Largy previously played evil femme fatale Samantha from the Lifetime film Stranger In The House, as well as villainess Claudia Triviano in the Hallmark film, Death Al Dente: A Gourmet Detective Mystery, and later appeared as the evil Kiki Owens in another Hallmark film, Morning Show Mystery: Mortal Mishaps.