Cousin Mel 02
Cousin Mel
(voiced by Michele Lee) is the primary antagonist of the 2000 animated Christmas special "Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer".

After her grandparent, Grandma Spankenheimer, refuses to sell her shop to a major corporation, Cousin Mel is outraged, desiring the cash that it would bring. When Grandma suffers the titular accident, Mel usurps ownership of the store and takes measures to ensure that she stays "missing". By the end of the special, she even goes so far as to incriminate Santa Claus himself, but has her plans foiled by her younger cousin Jake. She is then arrested and sent to prison.


Cousin Mel 01

Fantasizing about the wealth she feels is coming her way...

Cousin Mel 04

Attempting to sell Grandma's store to Austin Bucks...

Cousin Mel 03

Poisoning one of Grandma's backed goods to drive customers away and force her to sell...

Cousin Mel 08

Scheming with her lawyer, I.M. Slime...

Cousin Mel 06

Singing a song about how she's going to frame Santa as a criminal...

Cousin Mel 05

The deed is hers at last...

Cousin Mel 07

...but justice wins out in the end.

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