Cynthia Pike

The villainous police Captain Cynthia Pike

Cynthia Pike (Angie Dickinson) is the hidden villainess from "Murder Blues," the fifth season opener of Diagnosis Murder (airdate September 18, 1997). She is the captain of the Los Angeles Police Department.

As revealed later on, Cynthia was also the mistress of married Councilman Matt Watson, who was looking to become mayor. Cynthia had ambitions of her own, as she had hopes of becoming LA's first-ever female chief of police. In order to achieve her goal, Cynthia turned heel and conspired with Watson in a murderous plot, which began with Watson killing his wife. The plan included framing Detective Stang for the murder and setting him up as a corrupt cop, but when it began to fall through, the evil Cynthia killed Stang with a single gunshot, and later made the murder look like a suicide, even leaving a suicide note.

While giving a press conference regarding Stang's role in the death of Watson's wife, Cynthia suddenly collapsed and was revealed to have a tetanus infection in her left arm. Oddly, it was the infection that proved that Cynthia killed Stang, as he was inside his cell, and she cut herself on the rusty iron bars. At episode's end, a wheelchair-ridden Cynthia fingered Watson in his wife's murder, and she was arrested along with her lover.

Trivia Edit

  • Angie Dickinson also played villainous robber Betty Locke on State Trooper.