Sarah Lowell

Deceitful villainess Sarah Lowell

Sarah Lowell (Olivia Burnette) is a villainess from "SWAK," the penultimate episode of NCIS' second season (airdate May 10, 2005). She is the daughter of Lowell Pharmaceuticals CEO Hanna Lowell.

Some time before the episode's events, Sarah engaged in a sexual act with her lover, who was with the Navy (and whose name wasn't revealed). The act included Sarah being tied to the bed by her lover as a joke, after Sarah commented on the midshipmen, and she remained on the bed still laughing when her lover went out for fast food for them. She was left waiting a long time for her lover to return, only to learn that he was killed by a hit and run driver.

As the time passed, Sarah came to the conclusion that she would face major embarrassment over being tied to the bed while naked, so to cover up the truth, she made a false claim that she was raped. Sarah's self-serving actions led to Hanna becoming an enraged villainess due to her fury over no charges being filed, and responding by sending a deadly biological weapon to the NCIS offices. Following her mother's arrest, Sarah was encountered by Leroy Gibbs and Cassie Yates, and still briefly stuck to her lie before finally confessing to what really happened. The deceitful villainess shed tears while confessing, mainly over her deceased lover instead of what her false statements led to, though her fate beyond this was never revealed.