The cruel cheerleader Debbie Marshall

Debbie Marshall (Dianna Agron) is a minor villainess who appears in Season 2: Episodes 1-6 of the TV show Heroes.

She is a cruel cheerleader who enjoys bullying and humiliating others. She particularly likes to shame people who she thinks are overweight; smearing cupcakes on them and writing their weight on their foreheads.

She is finally embarrassed herself when one of the main characters Claire tricks Debbie in to thinking she has seen Claire murdered in front of her. Claire, who has the power to heal herself, is grabbed by her friend, who has the power to fly, and dropped from a great height, supposedly to her death.

Debbie calls the police, who show up only to find no sign of a dead body anywhere. Claire then appears fully healed and plays dumb. The police instead find the bottle of alcohol Debbie had been drinking and assume she was just drunk and lying. She is then suspended from school for under-age drinking and never seen again.