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The evil Denise Cormier

Denise Cormier aka Denise Johansen (Sherri Parker Lee) is the villainess of "Greed", episode 3.20 of Law & Order: SVU. She was the wife of Curtis Johansen--as well as the secret wife of Edward Crandall, who was also married to Jessica Blaine and going under the identity of Edwin Todd. The two were Canadian con artists who had married their respective partners in order to rob them of their money. After Edward convinced Jessica to make him the sole beneficiary in her will, the evil Denise assaulted her at her home in an attempt on her life, planting Curtis's semen at the scene to throw off the detectives (who they accurately predicted wouldn't suspect Curtis due to him being on a business trip).

Another part of the couple's scheme was Denise falsely claiming that she had also been raped, once more using her husband's DNA to make the claim appear legitimate. The SVU detectives were also thrown off Denise and Edward's scent when they suspected a locksmith who worked at both houses of being behind the attacks. They uncovered the true nature of the crimes when they learned that Edward had stolen the real Edwin Todd's identity. But upon learning that they had been exposing, the scheming duo confessed to their respective partners, knowing that spousal privilege prevented them from testifying against them. But when Alexandra Cabot reviewed Denise and Edward's marriage license and saw that her name was listed as Denise Carlson, she had the detectives arrest the two for falsifying the license. But both Denise and Edward responded by giving documents showing how both villains had changed their names prior to their separate partners.

But just when it appeared Denise had gotten away with her and her lover's evil scheme, the detectives unearthed the piece of evidence to catch them: the couple's marriage license from Mexico, which made Denise's marriage to Curtis and Edward's to Jessica both null and void. Realizing they were caught, Denise scolded Edward, telling him that they should've gotten a divorce. It can be assumed that Denise was arrested offscreen along with Edward.

Trivia Edit

  • Sherri Parker Lee went on to portray Christina Logan from Episode 5.03, "Mother".