Diana enjoying watching a fight to the death

"Queen" Diana (Erika Nann) is the villainess in LEGION OF IRON.

Amateur athletes (and their girlfriends) are kidnapped from around the world and brought to the secret subterranean desert lair of "Queen" Diana, to be trained to fight to the death in gladiatorial matches.

Rich gamblers attend the matches, placing their wagers on the fighters electronically. Diana presides over the fights from her throne and takes a big cut in the purse.

A twisted megalomaniac, Diana tolerates no arguments from the men in training nor the girls who are pooled into a harem for the men. She beds down with some of the winners, promising their freedom by continuing to win the death fights, but no one has ever achieved that goal.

A young couple finally escapes into the desert, pursued by Diana in her machine-gun equipped ultra light aircraft.

LegionOfIron ErikaNann0

Erika Nann as Diana

LegionOfIron ErikaNann10

Diana visits her gladiators in training.

LegionOfIron ErikaNann12

"You will be a whore for my Legion."

LegionOfIron ErikaNann5

The "Queen" is pleased by the money she is raking in.

LegionOfIron ErikaNann7

"If you kill Rex... you can have ME!"

LegionOfIron ErikaNann8

The girl is no longer the hero's "steady".

LegionOfIron ErikaNann9

Diana kills a failed assassin.

LegionOfIron ErikaNann3

Diana in her ultra light.

LegionOfIron ErikaNann4

It's a shooting gallery in the desert when she goes after the escaping couple.

4 clips of the evil Diana (Erika Nann) including her demise:

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