Diana is an evil alien scientist, played by Jane Badler, who is part of an invasion fleet. She is clever, cunning, cruel and seductive. She spends most of her time rounding up and torturing members of the human resistance, executing failed henchmen and traitors and engaging in power-struggles with superiors and fellow officers.

Notable Scenes Edit

  • In one scene in the mini-series there is a lingering close-up of Diana crushing the hero's suicide pill under her boot before having him taken to the torture chamber where she uses psychoactive drugs on him.
  • When capturing the heroine in the miniseries, she tells her "You need an attitude adjustment my dear, and it will be my pleasure to give it to you!"
  • One torture method she enjoys is "conversion", a mind-altering treatment which she uses on several people. The conversion process for the heroine Julie goes on for some minutes in the mini-series.
  • In episode 7 of the series (separate from the miniseries) there is a scene where she has a traitor killed behind a glass screen in an attempt to intimidate an uncooperative collaborator. In this episode she also executes a failed henchman with her side-arm then steps over his corpse with her knee-high leather boots as if she had just discarded some trash.
  • In episode 8 she tortures and uncooperative scientist. "Increase the intensity" she orders during one part of the torture.
  • In episode 17 she tortures a human with some kind of headband, telling him "I'm privy to your innermost thoughts."

Gallery Edit

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