Diane Rabe

The evil Diane Rabe

DIane Rabe (Jodie Harwood) is the villainess from "Bears Will Be Bears," the second-ever episode of Grimm (airdate November 4, 2011). She is a wife and mother living in a lavish house in a wooded area.

As later revealed in the episode, Diane and her family are Jägerbars (bear like creatures), and she was ardently clinging to the traditional ways, which included kidnapping two victims and submitting them to a ritual. Her son, Barry, was confronted by the girlfriend of a man that he and his Jägerbar friends hunted and killed, and after he took care of her, Diane expressed pride in her son and condoned his murderous actions.

In the episode's climax, the evil Diane morphed into her full bear form and attempted to stop Nick and Hank from thwarting the ritual, but she fell into a spike pit and was wounded. Diane survived and was carried off in an ambulance, but not before she expressed more pride and no remorse for her actions. It can be inferred that Diane was arrested along with Barry.

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