Dianne Vaughn is a villainess who appears in the TV series  "Beauty and the beast" (USA 2012 - 2016  The CW Net)

Episode - S 4:8 - "Love is a battlefield"

First broadcast in the USA - July 21 2016

Played by -  AnnaLynne McCord (b.1987)


Dianne Vaughn (AnnaLynne McCord)

Vincent goes undercover as an operative for the sinister private security firm Greydal. He is teamed with Dianne Vaughn, an evil, very glamourous female assassin who suspects that Vincent is not on the level. We learn that Dianne, a killer for hire, is a mass murderer.

During a robbery for Greydal, Dianne forces Vincent at gunpoint to prove he's really "one of them" by killing the security guard in cold blood. Reluctantly Vincent strangles the man. But Vincent's wife, DHS agent heroine Cat Chandler, arrives on the scene. Dianne goes to confront her, while Vincent desperately attempts to bring the security guard he just killed for Dianne back to life (he succeeds). Cat manages to kick the gun out of Dianne's hands and fights her - Dianne is bigger and stronger and gets on top of Cat, trying to knife the heroine to death; but Cat manages to keep Dianne's knife hand away from her and using her legs, catapults the villainess into the air- Dianne crashes to the floor. Cat sees that Dianne is dead, impaled on her own knife.

Appearance - A tall, slim, very beautiful blonde

Weapon - handgun

Character - A thoroughly evil villainess, quite without any sympathetic traits. A mass murderer for money, she's completely cold blooded, ruthless and possibly sadistic (judging from her reactions when Vincent strangles the security guard).

Fate - Killed

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