Dominique Blanchard (Blanca Estrada) is a villainess who appears in the adventure comedy film "Mystery on Monster Island (1981)".

Jeff Morgan says that he is not yet ready to marry his sweetheart Meg because he wishes to sail around the world. He strand on a mysterious island which include giant monsters, cannibal tribes and ruthless pirates who search a hidden treasure.

Jeff and a native head into the jungle to find a new place to take shelter when they come across Dominique Blanchard, who had been shipwrecked on the island for a year. The Frenchwoman takes them to the cave she calls home. As they are eating and dancing, a gang of bandits approach the cave. The leader of the bandits asks them where the gold is and when they threaten to kill Dominique, Jeff tells them, but gives them the wrong directions. The native manages to knock out one of the guards and the group can escape into the jungle. Seeing their ship in the distance, the group head to the beach, where they are greeted by Meg, Jeff's uncle and some of the ship’s crew. The bandits appear and surround the group and the leader reveals himself as Taskinar.

When a volcano erupts, Jeff manages to draw his pistol on Taskinar but Dominique holds a pistol on Meg, revealing that she is working with Taskinar and forcing Jeff to drop his gun. When some fireworks explode on the beach, Jeff and the sailors attack the bandits and manage to overpower them. Dominique becomes distracted and Meg takes the opportunity to jump the villainess and knocks the gun out of her hand. A brawl between the prim Meg and the sultry Frenchwoman ensues. Both ladies roll around in the sand and energetically struggle for possession of the weapon. Finally Meg gets control of the gun and Dominique looks at her in stunned disbelief.

Taskinar tries to escape but fails. The leader and his henchgirl are arrested by the crew and sent to prison.



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