Domino (also known as Agent 009 or Black Tulip) is a bossy teenage villainess from the anime PokemonShe is an elite officer within the evil organisation Team Rocket. Her high ranking allows her to control lower level grunts. She is extremely athletic and isn't known to have any Pokemon. She is armed with several black tulips that can create electric blasts that can harm humans and Pokemon.

Story Edit

She appears in the Pokemon movie, Mewtwo Returns. She starts out as a seemingly friendly girl, but when the Team Rocket Trio attempts to steal Ash's Pikachu, she reveals her real motive as an undercover Team Rocket agent while simultaneously popping the trio's hot air balloon. She then assists Giovanni in capturing Pokemon around the island to manipulate Mewtwo to return to Team Rocket so it can be experimented on. After that, her and some of her underlings find Ash and his friends and capture them in a holding cell. She then releases Jessie and James (who have been previously captured by Mewtwo and his clone pokemon), but not before taunting them and forcing them to do manual labor. She eventually gets swarmed by a group of Ledian. While trying to fend them off, she slips and falls face first into a bucket of cleaning water. Eventually she gets her memory erased and leaves the island along with the rest of Team Rocket in a search for Mewtwo.

Appearance Edit

She wears a white mini-skirt, white gloves, and white thigh high boots, all three with red/pink stripes. She also has a black top with a red/pink "R" emblem representing Team Rocket. She also has a large white and red hat. She has blonde hair styled in the shape of drills and purple eyes.

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