Dr. Daily

Crazed veterinarian Dr. Daily

Dr. Daily (Ellie Harvie) is the main villainess from "Shelter," episode 2.23 of So Weird (airdate June 3, 2000). She is a veterinarian running a shelter for dogs in Hope Springs.

In actuality, Dr. Daily is a mad scientist who devised a serum to turn humans into dogs, doing so because she preferred canines over humans (or at least the concept of humanity). She began her activities entering the episode's events, which had Fi and Jack taking their cat to the shelter, where Fi meets Tim and his dog, Agamemnon. Dr. Daily appeared and took in Tim and Agamemnon, but while Tim was alone, the crazed villainess approached him and injected her serum into Tim, who she referred to as a "bad dog." After Tim's items were spotted by Fi and Jack when they returned to the shelter, Fi went looking for Tim; sensing odd occurrences at the shelter. She is later encountered by Dr. Daily, who injected Fi with the serum and turned her into a dog, just as she did to Tim and others.

Dr. Daily went after Tim and Fi after they escaped; recapturing them after she tracked them to Fi's home. In the film's climax, Fi (in possession of the serum) confronted Dr. Daily and demanded the antidote, as her and Tim's humanity would be gone permanently in only 24 hours. It was at that moment that Dr. Daily revealed that she had also created a canine to human serum, and revealed that she used it on Agamemnon, who appeared as a young boy who acted like a dog. She also gave her twisted reasoning for her actions, stating that dogs make beautiful people, and revealed her plan to turn everyone in Hope Springs into dogs. The evil scientist sent Agamemnon to chase Fi, only for Fi to toss a ball at his direction to distract him. Fi later injected Dr. Daily with the serum, turning her into a dog. The villainess panicked at first, as she didn't have a DNA sample to reverse the process. However, after being told by Fi that she would have to live life as a dog, Dr. Daily expressed glee, stating that she never liked being a human anyway.

Trivia Edit

  • Ellie Harvie later appeared as The Witch on The Haunting Hour.