Dr. Gidry

The villainous Dr. Gidry

Dr. Gidry (Alanna Ubach) is the main villainess from "Bloodstream," episode 3.17 of The Mentalist (airdate March 10, 2011) She is an anesthesiologist who had been stealing drugs and using them, while giving patients watered down versions of the anesthetics. Gidry's actions led to lawsuits against the hospital, and also caught the attention of Dr. Micah Newton, who not only planned to fire Gidry, but he was going to report her to the state medical board. Late one night, Gidry confronted Newton at a driving range, which ended with the enraged villainess killing Newton with a golf club.

Gidry was revealed as Newton's killer when Jane entered an operation and stated that he had drugged the doctors' coffee, stating that the killer would now experience withdrawals. At that moment, Gidry disappeared and was found by Lisbon in the bathroom injecting herself, stating that she was going through withdrawals, only to find out that Jane didn't drug the coffee and it was a ruse to catch Gidry. Gidry confessed everything (while actually going through the effects of drug withdrawals) and was arrested for murder.

Trivia Edit

  • Alanna Ubach previously appeared as bank robber/murderer Jennie Silverman on Monk.

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