Dr. Marks

The evil Dr. Marks

Dr. Marks (Susan Misner) is the main villainess in "Spirit of the Goat," the sixth episode of Gotham's first season.

Dr. Marks is an evil therapist who manipulated her patients, Raymond Earl and Randall Milkie, to kill the first-born children of Gotham's wealthiest citizens, doing so as the "Spirit of the Goat." She used hypnosis to coerce her patients into committing the crimes. Marks' reasoning: she believed that Gotham's rich were robbing the town of its hope. As Harvey Bullock discover during their interrogation, the evil Marks had also hypnotized another patient, Robert Hastings, and later instructed Hastings to kill Bullock. After Hastings is stopped, Marks attempts to escape, only to end up shot in her leg by Bullock. She is assumingly arrested for her crimes, though her fate is not mentioned in the episode.



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