Dr. Elaine Burns

The evil Elaine Burns

Dr. Elaine Burns (Barbara Niven) was the main villainess from NCIS episode 3.04, "Silver War" (airdate October 11, 2005).

Elaine Burns was a forensic anthropologist with the Smithsonian who later helped Gibbs' NCIS crew investigate the death of Staff Sergeant Warren Sorrow. She was revealed to be an acquaintance of Ducky, but in the episode's climax, she was also revealed to have killed Sorrow. When Ziva caught a pair of men drilling for Civil War weapons, Elaine appeared and held Ducky and Ziva at gunpoint, revealing her alliance with the pair. She killed Sorrow because he planned to donate the weapons to a museum, and she had her own lucrative plans. Elaine planned to kill Ziva and Ducky, but at that moment, Ziva tossed her knife at Elaine, killing her.


  • Barbara Niven's villainous NCIS appearance aired exactly six months after she appeared in The Perfect Neighbor as main villainess Donna Germaine.
  • Barbara Niven's other villainous roles include Gaia Hoxey from the horror film Summer's Moon and Callie Henshaw from the TV series Silk Stalkings.