EH 1

Evil boss Elaine Harman

Elaine Harman (Diane Hardcastle) is a villainess who appears in an episode of the 1990’s spy TV series “Bugs” (Identity Crisis).

The Bugs spy team arrive at work awaiting a new assignment from their boss (Jan), but find out she has been replaced. Their new boss is Elaine Harman and she tells them that Jan has been reassigned. She gives the team their new mission, which is to retrieve a computer disc. The team successfully retrieve the computer disc and expect their new boss to be pleased.

Elaine is actually a double agent who wants the bank codes from the computer disc to line her pockets. She tries to kill all the team, but fails. With the computer disc in her possession she makes her way to the bank. However the team track Elaine and her gang to the bank. Elaine tries to escape, but is cornered by one of the team (Ros). Ros makes sure that Elaine’s criminal plan is brought to an end with a right hook, which floors the villainess. Elaine is then handcuffed and taken into custody.


EH 2

A double agent...

EH 3

I'm in charge...

EH 4

Trying to collect the cash...

EH 5


EH 6

Taken into custody...

EH 7

Her criminal days are over...

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