Elisha Davenport is a villainess in the Kung Fu Femmes movie Angering The Gods. She is played by Amy Johnston.

Elisha is a rich sociolite with a highly succesfull company Elisha industries. She is known for her outrageous behavior and excentric lifestyle.

Biography Edit

In 2011 Elisha presented her diamond collection the Goddess Collection. During the presentation and press conference she dodged questions about her mental health and possible obsessive behavior towards Greek mythology. She noticed international Jewel thief Jennifer Sanchez among the journalists pretending to be a photographer. Elisha then prepared a ambush where her collection was stored. Jennifer broke into the hall and prepared to steal the jewellery. Wearing a toga Elisha confronted her and held her at gunpoint.  She forced Jennifer to strip down and dress up in a toga as well. Complimenting Jennifer on her appearance she then tossed the gun away and removed her CROWN. Jennifer asked what she wanted and Elisha mentioned they would let the gods decide. In the middle of the collection of jewelry surrounded by Greek statues Elisha and Jennifer started a unarmed duel. Jennifer managed to knock Elisha down but Elisha came back and knocked her down. Both fighters engaged in a brutal fight which ended with Elisha pinning Jennifer down while choking her. Elisha screamed that this was her punishment for angering the gods. Jennifer managed to slip free and got behind Elisha. She managed to secure a rear naked choke. Elisha got choked unconscious as the last thing she saw was a greek statue looking down on her.

Personality Edit

Elisha is highly charismatic and succesfull. While not aware of the full extent Elisha seemed to have serious mental health problems. She had developed an obsession with greek my theology and rumor has it that she had been diagnosed as insane. When she recognized Jennifer she prepared a trap for her. She seemed to have intended on defeating Jennifer in combat for trying to steal her Godess collection.

Skills Edit

Elisha is highly succesfull in bussiness. She is also a master at multiple forms of unarmed combat. During the fight she showed tremendous skills using, punches, kicks, joint locks and multiple grappling techniques in an attempt to take down Jennifer.


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