Elissa McClain

The villainous Elissa McClain

Elissa McClain (Dina Meyer) is the true main villainess from "Deep Freeze," episode 6.05 of CSI: Miami (airdate October 22, 2007). She is the ex-wife of former quarterback Doug McClain, who was found dead at their home after being stabbed in his neck. At the scene, Elissa prevented Alexx Woods from performing an autopsy, as she had made plans for Doug to be cryogenically frozen.

It was revealed later on that Rita Sullivan, one of Doug's many mistresses, stabbed Doug in his neck and then ran out of his home. She did so in a fit of rage due to the legendary football hero brushing her off when she begged him to get tested to see if he was a match for a kidney donation that was meant for his illegimate son, Caleb Sullivan. Unfortunately for Rita, Caleb later succumbed to a rare kidney disease, causing her to become filled with grief over her son’s death and driving her to try to kill her lover.

While Elissa was on the phone with PreCore, a cryogenics company, she heard Doug softly groaning and then found him with the knife in his neck. Instead of saving her ex-husband’s life, the evil Elissa pulled out the knife and then simply let Doug bleed to death; by then, over 30 minutes had passed since Rita first stabbed him. The villainess had become tired of Doug cheating on her with other women, and decided that her unfaithful husband would be worth more to her dead due to the problems he caused for her and also her daughter.

For most of the episode, she feigned being a grieving widow, providing assistance to the investigators in order to throw suspicion away from herself. Despite Elissa’s efforts to cover up her secret, her official villainous reveal occurred when Calleigh Duquesne and Eric Delektorsky found the knife in Doug’s cryotank, with the pair also noticing that it was her fingerprint that was on the murder weapon. With her role in his death finally exposed, Elissa finally confessed everything to Horatio Caine, who then had her arrested for the murder.

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