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Elizabeth Rukeyser (Rena Mero aka Sable) was a villainess from the Relic Hunter episodes "Nine Lives" (2000) and "M.I.A." (2001).

In the episode "Nine Lives", she portrays Elizabeth Rukeyser, the curator of New York's Crawford Institute. She summons Sydney Fox (Tia Carrere) and Nigel Bailey (Christien Anholt) to track down an ancient Egyptian relic, the sacred statue of the cat goddess Mafdet that Sydney found and returned once before. An age-old curse on the golden figurine claims that anyone who steals it will die by the claws of the cat.

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The hunt delves into Manhattan's ring of art thieves, turning up dead bodies covered with marks. They uncover a bracelet with hieroglyphics on

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it and take it to Elizabeth. Elizabeth tells them of the existence of a cult of Mafdet led by a priestess who was sworn to protect the soul of the 

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Pharaoh. In the process of telling the story, Elizabeth gives Sydney and                                                                                            Nigel a drug that makes them fall                                                                                            asleep.

When they wake up, they are face to face with Elizabeth wearing an Egyptian headpiece and a dress that barely covers her. Elizabeth's outfit is extremely revealing and it definitely has the attention of Nigel. She wears a blue skirt and a gold colored corset that barely contains her large pyramids. The audience anticipates the very real possibility that they will see them fall out. Keeping Nigel as hostage, she sends Sydney to find the relic, threatening to disembowel Nigel if she doesn't find it.

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Sydney finds the statue in the possession of a Spanish embassy attache, and makes her way back to Elizabeth's. Elizabeth is in preparation to

sacrifice Nigel and Simon Lagerfeld (Carlo Rota). Sydney breaks in and offers to trade the statue for the lives of the two men. Elizabeth agrees, but will not let Sydney watch the ceremony. A fantastic catfight ensues between Elizabeth and Sydney, with of the two gorgeous ladies have their moments during the confrontation. As the fight progresses, Elizabeth's brute strength begins

to wear Sydney down, throwing her smaller opponent around and landing some powerful blows, cutting Sydney's lip. A frustrated Sydney begins swinging wildly in an attempt to match her opponents brawn, but Elizabeth blocks her attacks with ease. After knocking the breath out of Sydney with a hard elbow to the gut.

Rena Mero Relic Hunter

Elizabeth hoists Sydney to her feet with ease and Sydney is stunned at her opponent's strength.

Elizabeth grabs her doubled over opponent by the head and flips her to the ground. As Elizabeth lifts a weakened Sydney to her feet (Sydney looking slightly stunned by her opponent's power) Sydney manages to counter and flips Elizabeth over her head and onto her back. Elizabeth's body vanishes into thin air, leaving only her scanty clothes behind.

Rena Mero "Sable" later appeared in the 2001 Relic Hunter episode, "M.I.A.", where she once again appeared as "Elizabeth Rukeyser".


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