Ellen Nadeer

Villainous Senator Ellen Nadeer

Ellen Nadeer (Parminder Nagra) is a recurring villainess from Season Four of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. She is a U.S. Senator who first appeared in the episode, "Uprising," where she voiced her distrust and hatred for Inhumans. She is revealed to be in league with the Watchdogs, a hate group who crashed an event full of Inhumans, with her villainous reveal coming in the end of the episode. It is also revealed that she has a brother who is a possible Inhuman captive, as she says "Good night" to him in the final scene.

In "Lockup," the evil Nadeer engaged in a televised news debate with SHIELD director Jeffrey Mace, which included Mace revealing that he's Inhuman. In the end of the episode, Nadeer congratulated Mace in his growing popularity, but later blackmailed Mace with video of SHIELD with Quake and Ghost Rider during a prison operation--threatening to send the video to ABC News. Mace asked Nadeer what she wanted, prompting an evil smile from Nadeer at the final scene.

Trivia Edit

  • In "Uprising," Nadeer's first name was introduced as Rota, but she was identified as Ellen Nadeer in "Lockup."