Ellen Richards

Villainous FBI Agent Ellen Richards

Ellen Richards (Génesis Rodríguez) is the hidden villainess from the 2013 film, The Last Stand. She is an FBI Agent who was taken hostage by infamous drug lord Gabriel Cortez while other agents were searching for him. She was later shown in the passenger's seat of Cortez's car, handcuffed to the door as Cortez drove off.

As soon as they were far enough from sight, Richards was revealed as a corrupt villainess, as she helped Cortez escape from a courthouse; receiving a $3 million pay off for her cooperation. After her reveal, the evil Richards removed her cuffs, and continued serving as a willing passenger with Cortez. To avert suspicion, however, Richards was tossed out of Cortez's moving car.

At the end of the film, Richards told a tale of abduction at the hands of Cortez. However, her story is not bought by her superiors, and Richards is arrested for being in league with Cortez.


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