Emma Correia

Erica Cerra as the evil Emma Correia

Emma Correia (Erica Cerra) is the hidden villainess from "Veritas," episode 2.07 of Sanctuary (airdate November 20, 2009). She is the leader of a triumvirate of telepaths simply known as The Triad, who were sent to the Sanctuary to interrogate Helen Magnus for the murder of Bigfoot.

During the interrogation, Big Bertha, a highly powerful Abnormal, is mentioned, and she was captured by a group of mercenaries in the small country of Djibouti, who were revealed to be paid off by Emma. Also, Emma had been leaking secrets from the Sanctuary Network, which Helen Magnus later revealed. At episode's end, the evil Emma and her paid henchmen went to retrieve Big Bertha--only to find an empty truck with a tracking device and Will and the others waiting for them. She is (assumably) arrested for her crimes.

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