Emma Frost

Cara Delevingne curtain
Cara Delevingne Emma Frost

Emma Frost has strong telepathic abilities . Control of thoughts , change of perceptions and memories is not a problem for them . Frost 's capabilities are so strong that it has no problem keeping up with Charles Xavier . She is one of the most powerful mutants that can deal with telepathy.

Organic diamond shape : As a result of a secondary mutation has Frost now have the ability to transform her body into a flexible organic diamond shape . In many ways this is similar to form Colossus " bio - steel " . You can completely transform into diamond and can also transform section manner . If she is unconscious , her body vera delt automatically return to normal state . This transformation also highlights Emma's personality , as they often it is rather cold-hearted and no compassion for others has. When Emma is in her diamond form, it is immune to telepathy.


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