Erin Toner

Villainous Petty Officer Erin Toner

Erin Toner (Melora Hardin) is the villainess from NCIS episode 1.05, "The Curse" (airdate October 28, 2003). She is a former Petty Officer who served on the U.S.S. Eisenhower. 

Toner was known for flaunting her beauty, and she coerced fellow Petty Officer Ted Martínez into helping her plan a robbery of the ship's safe. The pair committed the robbery with the unwilling help of Lieutenant Mark Schilz. After he had completed the task, they both killed him, dumped his body in a mailbag which they then dragged through the ship before placing it into a cargo pod.

Toner and Martinez also framed Schilz for the crime, damaging his reputation to such a degree that he got a dishonorable discharge despite the fact that he was dead. Because of this, Schilz's wife and their young daughter did not even get his death benefits, and during Toner's encounter with Caitlin Todd at a country club, the arrogant villainess stated that Schilz's family should "play the lottery."

As also revealed later on, the evil Toner later killed Martinez, presumably to stop him from going to the authorities with NCIS later finding evidence suggesting that she was guilty. Toner was confronted with the evidence at NCIS headquarters, where she was later arrested for her crimes.

Trivia Edit

  • Erin Toner was the very first one-shot villainess from the NCIS franchise.
  • Melora Hardin previously portrayed the evil Melanie Cooper on Diagnosis Murder.

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