Eve Torres 1

The evil Eve Torres as Executive Administrator

Eve Torres is a former wrestler who competed in WWE, where she portrayed a villainess.

In February 2012 Eve revealed she was using Zack Ryder to get recognition and didn't care about a dangerous injury he had suffered the previous week. However she kept Ryder close to her and toyed with him for a while after he confronted her about it. She then publicly humiliated him again at Wrestlemania 28 by kicking him in the groin, sending him to his knees in agony.

A few weeks after Wrestlemania 28 Eve was given a position of power by the WWE General Manager John Laurinaitis, making her his Executive Administrator. Eve found the role to be a power trip and enjoyed abusing her position by bullying and humiliating people on numerous occasions. Some examples being when she gleefully fired the Bella Twins (Nikki & Brie) and publicly humiliated The Big Show in the middle of the ring by making him apologise for mocking John Laurinaitis, and threatened his job if he didn't.

However it was former SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long who Eve seemed to take the most pleasure in bullying. After Teddy's team lost to John Laurinaitis' team in a match where the winner would have complete control as General Manager of WWE, Teddy was no longer a powerful man, and now had to work for the man who had defeated him. Laurinaitis told Teddy he now had to report directly to Eve, a situation she clearly enjoyed. As Eve's subordinate Teddy was forced to do menial, degrading tasks and ordered to wear an apron and name tag at all times, like a maid. He had to bring her coffee, and had it thrown at him when it wasn't to her satisfaction. She also ordered him to rub oil on Cesaro for a photoshoot, this was particularly humiliating for Teddy as it was in front of his ex love interest (and Cesaro's current girlfriend) the evil Aksana, who seemed to find Teddy's predicament amusing. Eve's power trip ended in June 2012 at No Way Out when John Laurinaitis was fired, therefore her role as Executive Administrator ended.


  • Eve played heel deathmatch fighter Chancara in The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power, and vengeful villainess Reyna Flores on Matador.
  • In 2016, Eve appeared as Maxima in the Supergirl TV series, and played Dasha in Skiptrace.