Evilene 1 The Wiz Live
Evilene (Mary J. Blige)
is the primary antagonist of the 2015 fantasy musical film "The Wiz Live!".

Evilene is the Wicked Witch of the West in the land of Oz. After heroine Dorothy accidentally kills Evermean, the Wicked Witch of the East, Evilene moves in to overtake her dead sister's territory. However, upon learning that the Wiz has sent Dorothy and her friends to kill her, the villainess sends her winged warriors to capture them and bring them to Evermean's domain. Evilene intends to cook and eat the Cowardly Lion after using the Tin Man for a pot and the Scarecrow for kindling. When Dorothy protests, Evilene chases after her with intentions of killing and eating her too. Thinking fast, Dorothy grabs a nearby bucket of water and throws it at the witch, killing her.

Evilene 3 The Wiz Live

Attempting to kick one of her slaves as she runs by...

Evilene 4 The Wiz Live

...and laughing deeply about it.

Evilene 10 The Wiz Live

Her musical number "No Bad News".

Evilene 5 The Wiz Live

Evilene 6 The Wiz Live
Evilene 9 The Wiz Live

Going after Lion with her knife...

Evilene 7 The Wiz Live

...and then Dorothy.

Evilene 8 The Wiz Live