In the 60s PI classic, Harper, Shelley Winters (then at her most Rubenesque) plays Fay Estabrook a washed up one time movie starlet who is now an alcoholic. With her considerable curves packed into a skintight black and white silk dress whose low cut front shows off her ginormous boobs to maximum effect, Fay still looks pretty sexy. Anyway, knowing that Fay has been having an affair with the millionaire playboy whose kidmapping around which the plot revolves, the PI of the title picks up our still very sexy if ultimately rather pathetic villainess in a bar and plies her with alcohol in a failed attempt to get some information. After taking the very pissed Fay home, he dumps the poor woman on a sofa and goes to search her bedroom for clues. Later on, Fay is present when Harper bursts into the house of another suspect and the last we see of her is her ginormous boobs as she hyperventilates as Harper locks her in the closet after shooting her husband dead.